These Are the Goods


What hard startups today will produce the enormous companies and categories of the future? (By Packy McCormick)

A certain level of ignorance can be incredibly useful (By Jack Raines)

One way in which false wealth has been created in the current cycle is through the valuations that private companies have attracted (By Marc Rubinstein)

There is a fine line between being a hero and an asshole. (By Jared Dillian)

The risk of outright deflation is rising (By Cullen Roche)

The opposite of obscene (By Barry Ritholtz)

History tells us that stocks do a lot of the repricing work AHEAD of recessions. (By Josh Brown)

Selling over time is usually the way to go (By Nick Maggiulli)

It’s easy to be bearish right now (By Ben Carlson)


You gotta be careful about the rabbit holes you choose (With Howard Lindzon and Matt Ober)