These Are the Goods


What if we rewrote all the databases from scratch (By Matt Levine)

The bubble has popped, but pyramid schemes are more important than ever (By Dror Poleg)

Workers’ pay gains will need to slow if we want to squeeze inflation out of the U.S. economy (By Matthew Klein)

I read around 1,500 pages of research each week and the most consistent message now is a litany of gloom (By Michael Cembalest)

The narratives in the market have an advantage: they are usually true (By Rob Arnott)

Markets do not have the choice to sit out a bad weather forecast. (By Barry Ritholtz)


80% of turnovers happen on pass plays (With Ryen Russillo and Austin Ekeler)

You don’t really need a real-world application (With Matt Levine, Mary Childs, Josh, and yours truly)

People love free (With Matt Belloni and Tom Ryan)


Today’s comfort is tomorrow’s discomfort (By Michael Easter)