These Are the Goods


Their job is not to avoid failure; it is to avoid missing out on the biggest success. (By Dror Poleg)

The direction of the river is much more important than the strength of the swimmer (By Cullen Roche)

In a bear market, belief in everything suffers. (By Packy McCormick)

Behind every great company is a litany of infringements and encroachments (By Mario Gabriele)

Bank reserves cannot consist of a bank’s own paper. (By Roger Lowenstein)

Ultimately, when too many people are getting too lucky too often, that’s your wakeup call. (By Nick Maggiulli)

If trust were a stock trading on the market these days, it would be heading toward an all-time low. (By Josh Brown)


Tech is entering its midlife crisis (With Bill Simmons and Derek Thompson)

What happened at FTX was kind of what he described on Odd Lots (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Matt Levine)