These Are the Goods


The tech industry is experiencing a midlife crisis. (By Derek Thompson)

There has to be some sort of recalibration to risk-reward, and it seems like tech is going through that right now (By Kyla Scanlon)

Being irritated that the media and other investors rushed to anoint a bunch of 20-somethings with no experience as genius investors and entrepreneurs is a lot different than suspecting outright fraud, deception, and incompetence (By Jeff Dorman)

Which is worse, higher inflation, or higher unemployment? (By Barry Ritholtz)

The people that I’ve admired the most in life have chosen value over growth every step of their journey (By Nick Maggiulli)


It was an arms race and everyone lost (With Bill Simmons and Matt Belloni)

Asset prices are the harshest prosecutor (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Jim Chanos)