These Are the Goods


In the past 7 years we built cultures of quick money, instant wealth and valuations for valuations sake. (By Mark Suster)

Capital that fails to earn the cost of capital over the long term destroys value and imperils a company’s prospects for prosperity. (By Michael Mauboussin and Dan Callahan)

I can feel how much energy it has cost to navigate this market (By Frederik Gieschen)

The BLS rent index tends to lag the Zillow and Apartment List indices by about 12 months (By Timothy B Lee)

In the end, all of your money will be converted back to time anyways. If not now, then later (By Nick Maggiulli)

Inequality is often the most efficient arrangement (By Dror Poleg)

They’ve reported three down months out of 69. (By Simon Lack)


Who thinks the lows are in? No one. (With me, Josh, Dan Nathan, Guy Adami, and Danny Moses)