These Are the Goods


When society hits the jackpot, things become dangerous. (By Dror Poleg)

Investing is hard because the risk-adjusted way to “win” is to index and chill while someone, somewhere, hits the lottery every single day (By Jack Raines)

It was very easy to be a pessimist this year, surrounded by a sea of negativity in the economy and markets. (By Phil Huber)

The prospect of a recession looms over everything in media (By Nathan Shaw)

Avoid overspecifying risk (By Marc Rubinstein 🔒)

Federal Reserve officials want to weaken workers’ ability to secure wage increases (By Matt Klein🔒)

Hating Ark and loving venture capital seems intellectually inconsistent. (By Dan Rasmussen)

Too many people spend too many hours chasing alpha that would be better spent in some other productive activity. (By Nick Maggiulli)

We don’t root for bear markets, of course, but we make sure they pay off on the way out. (By Josh Brown)


It didn’t make any difference where I went, I loved business (With Barry Ritholtz and John Mack)

Stocks stopped going down. (With me, Josh, JC, and Strazza)