These Are the Goods


Since last June, GDP and other hard indicators of economic activity have consistently outperformed business surveys (By Sam Ro)

There’s nothing wrong with the Vix (By Robin Wigglesworth)

Nothing is as desired as much as the thing you want but can’t have. (By Morgan Housel)

the world is far messier and less predictable than we think and desperately want to believe (By Bob Seawright)

How Do Bills, Notes, and Bonds Perform? (By Nick Maggiulli)

$31 trillion is kind of a lot of debt. (By Ben Carlson)


The chaff is gone forever (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Carl Kawaja)

I think air marshalls are the most underutilized character we’ve had in the last twenty years (With Sean Fennessey and Chris Ryan)

Talented people want to work on things that are growing quickly (With Matt Reustle and Patrick O’Shaughnessy)