These Are the Goods


Google has 175,000+ capable and well-compensated employees who get very little done quarter over quarter, year over year. (By Praveen Seshardi)

The depression-era entitlement is a life-raft for sixteen million seniors who would otherwise be in poverty and the primary source of security to tens of millions more. (By Roger Lowenstein)

Using enforcement actions to tell people what the law is in an emerging industry is not an efficient or fair way of regulating. (By Hester Peirce)

Money can buy you freedom, but the never-ending pursuit of money is a prison of its own (By Jack Raines)

If your strategy consists of buying what you wish you would have bought before it performed really well that’s a recipe for disaster. (By Ben Carlson)

What is a “good” income anyways? (By Nick Maggiulli)


People are building solutions for products that don’t exist (With Howard Lindzon and Nate Cooper)

Everyone has a leave playing field when it comes to a DeFi protocol (With Fintech Frank and Paul Grewal)

Your new job is to kill your old business (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Dan Rose)