Michael Batnick

The Stock Split Bonanza

On this week’s Animal Spirits Ben and I discuss:

-My plumber’s Sharpe ratio
-Stock splits is the hottest new factor
-The new look Fed, and more

Animal Spirits: The Economics of Parenting

On this episode we discuss the finances of parenting from what you need to buy, how to prepare yourself financially and emotionally, the cost of daycare, saving for college, teaching your kids about money and more.

All Wrapped In One

This year has included some versions of the following:

The income inequality of the gilded age
The election of 1896
The pandemic of 1918
The economy of 1929
The social movements of the 1960s
The stock market of 1987
The speculation of 1999
The housing market of 2006

These Are the Goods

-Distorting market values
-Why the world doesn’t work the way you expect it to
-The right way to do something, and much more