Animal Spirits: The Only Game in Town

On today’s show, we discuss debt ceiling drama, the best long-term investment, money market funds, catching a falling knife, 24 hour trading, why workers are happier than ever, the greatest wealth transfer in history, why wealth inequality will get worse, the best new movie we’ve seen in a long time and much more.

Animal Spirits: Business Optimism Crashes

On today’s show, we discuss regional bank failures, confidence in the Fed, international diversification, the V-shaped recovery in the labor market, vibes vs. data in the economy, the best company in the world, middle age, and much more!

The Compound and Friends: Responsibly Reckless

On today’s show, we are joined by Ian Dunlap from Market Mondays with Earn Your Leisure and Leanna Haakons, Founder of Black Hawk Financial to discuss Apple earnings, the VIX, creating financial content, Coinbase lawsuits, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Bear Market Lessons

On today’s show, we discuss never shorting junk food, a purgatory market, why spending isn’t slowing down, our first mortgage rates, the First Republic takeover, and much more!