The Compound and Friends: Fat Privilege

On today’s show, we are joined by Phil Huber of Savant Wealth and Doug Boneparth of Bone Fide Wealth to discuss the probability of a recession, bonds vs stocks, WWE’s sale, The Last of Us, and much more.

Animal Spirits: Is a Soft Landing Inflationary?

On today’s show, we discuss why people still invest in stocks even when bond rates are high, international stocks are on a tear, the 60/40 argument that never dies, the Fed vs. the bond market, record high dividends in the stock market, why it’s so hard to predict bottoms, Michael’s NY Giants playoff game experience & much more.

Talk Your Book: Investing in Fallen Angels

On today’s show, we are joined by Fran Rodilosso, Head of Fixed Income ETF Portfolio Management at VanEck to discuss rising stars vs fallen angels, how to be tactical with fixed income, what a fallen angel is, and much more!

Animal Spirits: What’s the Negative Catalyst?

On today’s show, we discuss Michael becoming famous for a Bezos prediction, the case for no recession in 2023, the bullish case for stocks, the bearish case for stocks, false signals from an inverted yield curve, why this is not 1970s-like inflation, 2023 movies and much more.