These Are the Goods

-The new private markets
-Another look at the permanent portfolio
-One of the best econ books I’ve ever read, and more

Your Home is Not an Investment

For most people, your house is your biggest asset and also your biggest liability. So it’s understandable to think about the financial implications of the most significant purchase you’re ever going to make. But a home is about more than what you buy it for and what you think it will be worth in ten…


-Portnoy and Barry
-Solar versus Oil
-Growth stocks delivering, and much more

Luck and Success

I won’t go as far as saying that every successful person got lucky, but every successful person can thank luck for playing at least some role in their life.

Animal Spirits: Worst Recession Ever

On this week’s show we discuss some bright spots from the pandemic, the massive real estate boom, the housing shortage, more diversity in the stock market, when asset allocation doesn’t matter, the SPAC boom and more.