Animal Spirits: The Undies Indicator

On today’s show we discuss

-How underwear can predict recessions
-How much studios are spending on content
-The NBA and China Debacle
-How long millennials plan on working, and much more

Look Away

GMO’s most recent 7-year forecast does not paint an especially pretty picture for stocks or for bonds.

Animal Spirits Re-Kindled: Malcolm Gladwell

On today’s show, we discuss:

-Malcolm Gladwell blow back
-From his first two books, what aged the best and what aged the worst?
-Favorite quotes, studies, and anecdotes?
-Today’s Tipping Points, and much more

Tell Me What You See

The Dow opened the 20th century trading at 68. It closed at 11,497, a 16,875% increase, which explodes to 1.8 million percent with dividends. But of course nobody got these returns, and the ones that achieved even a fraction of them had to endure unthinkable pain along the way. Consider that: The low in 1932…