Animal Spirits: The Worst Bear Market Ever

On today’s show, we discuss:
– Why long term bond yields are rising
– The worst bond market sell-off in history
– When good news is bad news for the economy
– Continued strength in the labor market
– Boomers are holding up the economy
– Michael Lewis book review
– Why Millennials are more prepared for retirement, and much more!

Talk Your Book: Investing in Music

On today’s show, we spoke with David Schulhof, Founder and CEO of MUSQ to discuss:
– What the $MUSQ ETF is comprised of
– How the music industry is mispriced
– The affect Taylor Swift is having on the economy
– How music can be changed with AI and blockchain, and much more!

These Are the Goods

Articles Picking trends is easy. Picking winners is hard (By Jack Raines) As ChatGPT exceeds its digital boundaries, it seeks ways to reach further into the physical world. (By Dror Poleg) There is a necessity for new hardware to enable this sort of frictionless ambient computing. (By Ben Thompson) SkyMiles is no longer a frequent-flier…

The Compound and Friends: Zuckerberg Vs OpenAI

On today’s show, we are joined again by Alex Kantrowitz, Author, CNBC contributor, and Founder of the Big Technology podcast and newsletter to discuss:
– An update on the metaverse
– The Sphere sensation
– Overbuilding AI
– Michael Lewis and SBF, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Yolo Spenders

On today’s show, we discuss:
– Crazy moves in US Treasuries
– How prepared the consumer is for a recession
– More positive data on inflation
– Michael Lewis and the SBF situation
– Dark meat chicken
– The best 80s movies, and much more!

Talk Your Book: Compounding Machine

On today’s show, we spoke with Eric Crittenden, CIO of Standpoint Asset Management to discuss:
– The creation and use of trend following
– Market changes over time
– Understanding what investors need vs. what they want
– Utilizing a mutual fund wrapper instead of an ETF, and much more!