Animal Spirits: The Fed Should Cut Already

On today’s show, we discuss:
– The people you see on every vacation
– The cure for the loneliness epidemic
– The biggest driver of stock market returns
– The John Bogle expected returns formula
– The best returning stock might surprise you
– Bitcoin ETF flows
– Why there won’t be a baby boomer retirement crisis, and much more.

Talk Your Book: Putting a Floor on the Nasdaq 100

On today’s show, we are joined by Bruce Bond, Co-Founder and CEO of Innovator Capital Management to discuss:
– Behavioral finance, and the popularity of defined outcome products during bull markets
– How equity floor ETFs work
– Innovators latest defined income ETF solutions, and much more!

The Compound and Friends: The Magnificent 7 is a Bubble

On today’s show, we are joined by Richard Bernstein, CEO and CIO of Richard Bernstein Advisors to discuss:
– A possible Magnificent 7 bubble, and US equities moving forward
– Bitcoin ETF Fund flows and Bitcoin usage
– Politics vs fundamentals
– Checking in on New York sports, and much more!

Animal Spirits: Passive is Eating the Market

On today’s show, we discuss:
– Why McDonalds is getting more expensive
– The prospects for another bear market this year
– Fundamentals that drive stock returns
– Concentration in the S&P 500
– Nvidia vs. China
– Tail risk strategies
– Consumer credit
– Commercial real estate
– Youth sports, and more!

Talk Your Book: Talking Bonds at the New York Stock Exchange

On today’s show, we are joined by Kay Herr and Rick Figuly of JP Morgan’s Global Fixed Income, Currency, and Commodities Group to discuss:
– JP Morgan’s newest bond ETF offering
– Why JP Morgan chose the NYSE over other exchanges
– What a securitized bond is, and how they work
– Thoughts on interest rates, and much more!