Animal Spirits: Powell Wants You to Lose Your Job

On today’s show, we discuss is the Fed making a huge mistake, why it’s so difficult to predict the economy, why it’s so easy to be bearish right now, breaking the housing market, why we’ve turned on Jerome Powell, the bullish case for a 60/40 portfolio and much more.

Animal Spirits: Is a Recession Bullish?

On today’s episode, we recap our experience at Future Proof, interest rates vs. inflation for the stock market, a blow-off top in short-term rates, what could cause international stocks to outperform, housing inflation, why the housing market is broken, George Clooney’s best movie and much more.

Talk Your Book: Portfolio Premortem

On today’s show, we spoke to Fabric Risk Co-Founder, Rick Bookstaber about identifying risks for advisors, lifestyle characteristics and risks, the MSCI factor model, scenario testing, and much more.

Talk Your Book: Fixing Fixed Income

On today’s Talk Your Book, we spoke to Russell Feldman from IMTC on innovating the fixed income investment process, differences between trading stocks vs. bonds, risk management within fixed income, and much more.

Animal Spirits: The Super Bubble

On today’s show, we discuss Jeremy Grantham’s super bubble call, how “don’t fight the Fed” has evolved, why all opinions are extreme today, how the bottom 50% are making the biggest financial progress, how the Fed screwed up the housing market and much more.

Animal Spirits: Why So Bearish?

On today’s show, we discuss the pros and cons of student loan forgiveness, why the Fed has the ability to talk tough about inflation (for now), the difference between being bearish and being realistic, record high corporate profits, why we’re never going to get enough homes built and much more.