Animal Spirits: Good News is Bad News

On today’s show we discuss why everyone thinks we’re already in a recession, living paycheck to paycheck on $250k a year, why crypto makes more sense in a bull market, why it feels like the stock market should be down way more, Top Gun: Maverick and much more.

How’s the Consumer?

How is the American consumer? That depends on who you ask and what they’re looking at. Today we got some grim news out of Target for the second time in the last couple of weeks. The CEO said “We were chasing hard in 2021 to get more of the inventory that our guest was looking…

Animal Spirits: The Round Trip

On today’s show we discuss what the narrative would be if we went back to new highs, why high oil prices are so worrisome, why the housing market is more important than the stock market, some good news about the U.S. economy, the new Top Gun and much more.