These Are the Goods



Successful investors can differentiate business performance from stock performance and can take advantage of those investors who can’t.

By Ian Cassel

The inventory of homes for sale in Minneapolis dropped by about 25% in February compared with a year earlier, while the median sale price rose by 7.6% to $223,000.

By Laura Kusisto 

Harvard’s endowment employed 200 people over the last 5 years and paid them $242 million. The results were abysmal. 

By Tony Isola

North Carolina paid $600 million in outside managers’ fees, incentives, and related costs last year.

By Neil Weinberg

Investors should take a page from the lawyers and learn how to argue all sides of any investment.

By Barry Ritholtz

Savings have a larger impact on the poor and investments have a larger impact on the rich.

By Of Dollars and Data

Put yourself in the shoes of an investor in that period, trying to determine what the future for equities might look like. 

By Jesse Livermore

“Where you stand in terms of your investing lifecycle and where the markets are in terms of peaks and valleys in performance numbers can have a huge impact on your investment experience.”

By Ben Carlson


“Despite external evidence to the contrary, we have a hard time internalizing our own value.”

By Michael Kitces

“What do high returns bring you?”

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy


“For nearly a thousand years after nutmeg, mace, and cloves first appeared in the West, both Europeans and Muslims remained clueless as to their actual source.”

By William Bernstein