Michael Batnick

These Are the Goods

Articles In frothy markets, it’s easy to enter into a consensual hallucination, with investors and markets, that you’re creating value By Scott Galloway There are precedents for taking a commodity product and turning it into a brand By Byrne Hobart A gift to exist By Ramp Capital The problem with simplicity is that the reps…

Animal Spirits: Paycheck to Paycheck

Today’s Animal Spirits is brought to you by YCharts. Mention Animal Spirits to receive 20% off (*New YCharts users only) On today’s show we discuss Noobwhale.com Bill McBride’s take on the yield curve When everyone knows everything We may never see positive rates again Bonds are frickin expensive Galloway on WeWork Amazon is on Twitter putting out…

The Next Generation

I’m so excited to hear from ten fintech companies at Wealth/Stack, whose mission is to work with financial advisors to deliver a better client experience.