These Are the Goods


Working on your character is more important than hoping for tranquility and searching for a finish line that doesn’t exist

By Josh Brown

Fantastic results with the appearance of little risk in achieving them is the perfect breeding ground for complacency.

By Brian Portnoy

Investors can underestimate optionality in a well-run business.

By Todd Wenning

The FCA should introduce an industry wide inertia index, so everyone can see who the genuine long-term investors, and the obsessive pack-shufflers, are.

By Robin Powell

Deep meaningful work is good for us. It’s like a protein shake for the brain.

By Anthony Isola

On the chopping block is the most confusing and least-understood parts of the tax code.

By Bill Sweet

The world is full of low-hanging productivity fruit that doesn’t rely on our ability to invent new ideas.

By Morgan Housel

There are a number of rules of thumb and aphorisms that investors accept without investigating their merits based on the historical evidence.

By Ben Carlson


How is it possible to have scarcity of a digital currency?

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and a lot of really smart nerds. 


Getting our stuff at the lowest possible price was now more important than any specific company, sector, or even the health of the broader community. The invisible hand began bitch-slapping small or inefficient retailers all over the United States and Europe.

By Scott Galloway