These Are the Goods


Our feelings of certainty about things we’re right about is largely indistinguishable from our feelings of certainty about things we’re wrong about

By Bob Seawright

We see what we want to see

By Nick Maggiulli

Big words mask little thoughts

By Morgan Housel

The names of old dead guys don’t mean that much

By Cullen Roche

You can’t calculate relationships in the markets like you can the distance between the stars.

By Ben Carlson

there is no other company where investors disagree more about the future than Tesla

By Aswath Damodaran

The Fed’s Stock Valuation Model makes more sense to explain corporate buyback decisions than it does to explain investors’ stocks-vs-bonds asset allocation decisions

By Ed Yardeni

By definition, to have an ETF, you have to have an underlying index.

By Drew Voros

When you chase outperformance, you catch underperformance.

By Jason Zweig


Designing an index is the new active

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Eric Balchunas

“What’s the one thing about money you wish someone told you when you were younger?”

With Justin Castelli and everybody else

Momentum is a chameleon

With Corey Hoffstein and Jack Vogel

It was just four years since Martin Luther King Jr. was shot in Memphis and the President seemed bent on reversing everything the Civil Rights Movement stood for

With Malcolm Gladwell

If you’re not getting the results that you want change what you’re doing.

With Tim Ferriss and Adam Robinson


Music that had ben merely good, the rock and roll soundtrack of our lives, turned into rapture and prophecy.

By William Finnegan