These Are the Goods


While houses were being foreclosed and jobs were being lost by millions of Americans, my version of the recession was my parents losing their home and my university running out of pastries

By Nick Maggiulli

Just about anything is possible if we torture the data enough

By Corey Hoffstein

The era of senior Wall Street professionals being placed on pedestals and individuals staying quiet when they see things that are wrong is waning.

By Preston McSwain

It’s not about the returns. It’s about being in the club.

By Josh Brown

Seventy percent of Americans admit to impostor syndrome

By Scott Galloway

Confidence in predicting outliers has gone both ways.

By Morgan Housel 

It’s easy to chalk up most people’s performance in life to their innate God-given abilities but talent can only take you so far

By Ben Carlson


The book on Franklin and Eleanor and World War II took longer to write than the war to be fought.

With Tim Ferriss Doris Kearns Goodwin 

The number one predictor of success was resiliency

With Bill Simmons and Steve Nash

I’ll stop growing when people stop asking for help

With Michael Kitces and Ric Edelman

The entire industry is changing every 3 years now

With Bill Simmons mike Schur and Dan Fogelman

A place to connect interested buyers and interested sellers

With Meb Faber and Phil Haslett


If you can’t trust a man who murdered one of his best friends, who can you trust?

By Charles Brandt and Frank Sheeran