These Are the Goods


How can we determine what is skill and what is luck when there are so many close calls?

By Corey Hoffstein

When you consistently hold a large majority of your entire portfolio in cash all it does is add pressure to the timing of your buy and sell decisions

By Ben Carlson

A lot of decisions are statistically wrong but intuitively right for the person making them.

By Morgan Housel 

Your competition is only there to inspire you to become a better version of yourself

By Nick Maggiulli

The algorithms sense if you lean left or right, then begin shoving you to the poles and serving you increasingly provocative and extreme content you can’t turn away from, to scratch a tribal itch.

By Scott Galloway

Short term market information was not designed to benefit the long term investor.

By Brendan Mullooly

The world’s first cyber-attack

By Jamie Catherwood

We are walking around with a narrow range of vision

By Blair duQuesnay


Just because one company had success with a strategy doesn’t mean that everyone copies them

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Ryan Caldbeck

The conflicts are not on top, they’re baked into the center.

With Roben Farzad and Josh Brown

Facebook, Twitter of Fox News?

With Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

Your article is false and you don’t want to admit it

With Kara Swisher and Elon Musk

Jesse Livermore quotes won’t add alpha to your portfolio in a bear market?

With Michael and Ben


Digital truth serum

By Seth Stephens-Davidowitz