These Are the Goods


Public markets are the new private markets (By Myles Udland)

Not all tech companies are the same (By Ben Thompson)

Unlike the rest of the permanent portfolio, I wouldn’t change the original 25% in gold (By Adam Collins)

It’s only in hindsight that you realize whether Newton or Darwin was in control (By Morgan Housel)

Doing the important things adequately will serve you well (By Tadas Viskanta)

It doesn’t take much to see fantastic results, assuming you can stay the course for long enough (By Ben Carlson)

If you take tax loss harvesting to its extreme, some say that the benefits are to die for (By Nick Maggiulli)


What people are buying and why? (With Josh Brown, Joe Terranova, and Tim Duy)


In his economic work he fused psychology, history, political theory, and observed financial experience like no economist before or since (By Zachary D. Carter)