These Are the Goods


The median monthly rent just topped $2,000 for the first time ever (By Derek Thompson)

It seems like every time something bad happens in the economy we decide we need policies to keep it from ever happening again. (By Allison Schrager)

No sector moves at the pace of crypto (By Mario Gabriele)

A truly valuable expert can tell you precisely what’s happening right now, then their opinion, then their forecast. In that order. (By Tom Morgan)

Retirement is more than a transition from the daily grind to a life of leisure. (By Blair duQuesnay)

When not used properly, data can lead us astray (By Nick Maggiulli)

A podcast listener alerted us to the idea that our episode titles did a nice job gauging market sentiment these past few months (By Ben Carlson)


Venture-like returns in a condensed timeframe (With Eric Golden and Andrew Steinwold) 

Gas stations take it on the chin when prices go up (With Joe Weisenthal and Patrick DeHaan)