These Are the Goods


Ultra-low interest rates make the economics of using cheap debt to buy small companies at a low valuation and selling them at a higher one look pretty attractive. But high interest rates undermine that whole model. (By Kelly Evans)

It is not fun losing to time. (By Howard Lindzon)

Millennium has generated an average calendar-year return of 14% for the past 33 years, with only one loss year in 2008. (Marc Rubinstein, paid)

Prices went up a lot and value went down a lot. (Alex Morris, paid)

I believe your present suffering is directly proportional to your future potential. (By Tom Morgan)

We went from a Firm to a Business and now we are an Enterprise. (By Barry Ritholtz)

Getting other people to help you build something that’s worth more than what you pay them is one of the most consistent ways to create long-term wealth. (By Nick Maggiulli)

Anything Can Happen At Any Time (By Tony Isola)


The top ten garbage cash movies (With Sean Fennessey, Amanda Dobbins, and Chris Ryan)

Are we in a bubble? (With us and Jeremy Grantham)

The Big Bang of Artificial Intelligence (By The Acquired Podcast)

With all those stocks, there had to be some way at making money (With Goldman Sachs and Peter Brown from Renaissance Technologies)