Everybody Tries To Beat The Market

The first investing book I ever read was The Intelligent Investor. Although most of it went completely over my head, the Mr. Market part of it totally resonated. “Yea, you’re your own worst enemy. Don’t be influenced by the daily fluctuations in the market. Got it.”

Then I read the Little Book of Common Sense Investing and was blown away. “Wait a minute, Warren Buffett is recommending that basically everybody should invest in index funds? Alright, easy enough.”

But then I read Reminiscences of a Stock Operator and felt like I was literally staring into my future. Turns out I must’ve been staring into somebody else’s future. Anyway, I thought “Oh my god yes!” ‘The game taught me the game. And it didn’t spare me rod while teaching.’ I was going to learn the game and learn it well.

I continued reading everything I could get my hands on, but I learned quickly that reading is no substitute for doing. Nobody opens up their first brokerage account and just buys the total US. stock market. Everybody tries their hand at greatness. And I don’t care how much you read or advice you receive, you won’t believe any of it until you try for yourself. I learned the hard way and I’m really excited to expand upon my journey at Stocktoberfest in November. I can’t wait to hang out with my friends and meet some new ones.

Hope to see you there!

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