These Are The Goods

 It’s funny, I thought my life would change when I had a baby, and it certainly has, but one thing I didn’t count on is how much more time I would have. He sleeps, and he eats. That’s it for now. So I’ve been either home or at the office and I’ve consumed more content in the past three weeks than over any other three week period in recent memory. I know that will change quickly, but in the meantime, I wanted to share some incredible stuff  from this week.


The incredible shrinking universe of stocks.

“Gaining an edge in older and well established businesses is likely more difficult than it is in young businesses with uncertain outlooks.”

By Credit Suisse

Always Check the Big Picture

“You shouldn’t become too narrowly focused on individual goals”

By Dan Egan

Howard Marks and Joel Greenblatt Preach the Gospel of Patience

“The greatest challenge that everyone in this room faces is we are in a low return world”

By Forbes

Capturing Mean Reversion Via Momentum

“Asset classes appear to be mean-reverting over longer periods and asset classes that have done well continue to do well over shorter periods”

By Econompic 

Diversification in Multi-Factor Portfolios

“The debate rages on over the application of valuation in factor-timing methods. Regardless, diversification remains a prudent recommendation”

By Corey Hoffstein

Households’ Equity Ownership Reaches 30%. It’s Statistical Noise

“The level of households’ assets in equities seems to closely predict high and lows in the stock market because they both measure the exact same thing: the level of the stock market.”

By Urban Carmel

Busy Vs. Productive

“Technology has pushed the cost of distraction to zero”

By Morgan Housel

Warning: The US Stock Market is an Anomaly

“The system is almost rigged against human psychology”

By Wesley Gray

Here’s Where Rockefeller Was Different

“Rockefeller was a gentleman who embodied the great Yankee virtues of thrift and hard work”

By Eddy Elfenbein


a16z Podcast: Tech and Entertainment in the ‘Era of Mass Customization’

“We spent a very small amount of time thinking about the competition and almost all the time trying to improve the service.”

Premeditated Success, with Jim O’Shaughnessy 

“If you don’t have the discipline to stick with your strategy, particularly when it’s not going in your favor it’s nothing, it’s data on a page.”

Interview With Yuval Noah Harari: Masters in Business

Harari spent six years writing Sapiens in Hebrew, and then another two years rewriting it in English.


Einstein: His Life and Universe

“Did science and religion conflict? Not really, he said, though it depends, of course, on your religious views.”

By Walter Isaacson

The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story

“Out of fear of losing yet another very public success to Benchmark, Kleiner Perkins had just paid $25 million for a 33 percent stake in a new company called consisted of a pair of Stanford graduate students who had a piece of software that might or might not make it easier to search the Internet.

By Michael Lewis

Chasing the Last Laugh: How Mark Twain Escaped Debt and Disgrace with a Round-the-World Comedy Tour

“Once audiences see you stand on your head, they expect you to stay in that position”

By Richard Zacks