These Are The Goods


Long-term knowledge is harder to notice because it’s buried in books rather than blasted in headlines.

By Morgan Housel

No one wants to be lectured by people who presume to be better than them.

By Josh Brown

When you send your money outside the U.S., some of it bounces right back.

By Jason Zweig

Panic doesn’t discriminate based on which type of investment product you own.

By Ben Carlson

The timing of your returns matters more than almost any other financial risk you will face.

By of Dollars and Data

What is your value proposition?

By Barry Ritholtz


I used annual returns on thirty mutual funds. That was my database.

By Barry Ritholtz and Bill Sharpe

You have to sort of make a point that is one step beyond reasonable for it to be interesting.

By Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman

I read everything I can on it because I love the field, but it’s an interesting one because you read all this and I’m not sure it benefits you much .

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy and David Chilton

There’s a problem in Hollywood. It’s gone so Wall Street meaning it’s so quarterly, everyone needs to drive towards a return. 

By Tim Ferris and Vince Vaughn

Turkey and 28 Hours Pinned Down by ISIS with Arwa Damon

By Tommy Vietor and Arwa Damon


“The person who is the star of a previous era is often the last one to adapt to change.”

By Andy Groves