These Are the Goods


Bubbles have less to do with rising valuations and more to do with shrinking time horizons among people playing a different game than you are.

By Morgan Housel

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.

By Josh Brown

Teachers all over the country are victimized every day by a system designed to feed financial predators their own form of live bait.

By Tony Isola

Groceries are a fundamentally different problem that need a fundamentally different solution; what is so brilliant about this deal, though, is that it solves the problem in a fundamentally Amazonian way.

By Ben Thompson

Prices got so crazy in small caps, I fired myself

By Jason Zweig

Fast and accurate information processing doesn’t drive asset prices. Supply and demand do.

By Tadas Viskanta, Wes Gray and Jack Vogel

Far too many fund firms are better at selling themselves and crafting good stories than following through with actual substance

By Ben Carlson

Time slows down when you underperform.

Also, by Ben Carlson

Anything except third-party mutual funds.

By Michael Kitces


Compaq was the fastest company in history to reach a billion dollars in revenue and it doesn’t exist anymore.

By Guy Raz Miguel Mckelvey

Fixing what isn’t working doesn’t help you grow nearly as fast as improving what is working.

By Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Andy Rachleff

The way people follow politics is no different than the way people follow the NBA.

By Bill Simmons and Malcolm Gladwell. 

Can you imagine if basketball had the same population density as golf?

By Malcolm Gladwell

If the data don’t support the theory, the data are wrong.

By Ted Seides and Andrew Golden


To Sammy, Pastor Daryl, and others, Larraine was poor because she threw money away. But the reverse was more true. Larraine threw money away because she was poor.

By Matthew Desmond