These Are the Goods


Reading is incredibly important, but it won’t give you a big advantage over others. It will just allow you to keep up.

By Andrew Thrasher

There is nothing “normal” about the distribution of investment returns and nothing straightforward about arriving at a specific return number

By Charlie Bilello

CEO Reed Hastings has promised negative free cash flow will persist for “many years.”

By Matthew Ball

Heads I win, tails you lose, now stick with the process

By Corey Hoffstein

Sometimes just showing up is all it takes to show that you care

By Ashby Daniels

A portfolio approach that doesn’t require being able to predict the unpredictable

By Josh Brown

We tend to form tribes around these debates and then use certain people as evidence that one tribe is better than the other

By Cullen Roche

You cannot get the feeling of market history from looking at a chart or reading a book

By Nick Maggiulli

A question and not a promise

By Ben Carlson

People believe in the crazy stuff they do.

By Morgan Housel


I’ve never been an investor per se.

With Ted Seides and Anthony Scaramucci

Endemics of fear repeat themselves

With Malcolm Gladwell

Your portfolio may look and appear less suicidal than a lot of other value strategies

With Corey Hoffstein and J.D. Gardner

This is one of the rare cases where the best performance was out of sample.

With Corey Hoffstein and Meb Faber

There was a period where people didn’t care enough about statistics and now they care about them too much.

With Bill Simmons and Chuck Klosterman


Beware of men with theories that explain everything.

By Mark Bowden