These Are the Goods


Elliott has lost money in only two of its forty-one years of existence

By Sheelah Kolhatkar

Corrections and bear markets in emerging markets have outnumbered those in the U.S. by a factor of more than 2-to-1

By Ben Carlson

Earnings during the past 1 year and 2 years have risen faster than the S&P index itself

By Urban Carmel

Just because you have never experienced something doesn’t mean it will never happen

By Carolyn Gowen

Writing is about more than words

By Nick Maggiulli

The race to the bottom has concluded

By Josh Brown

Common knowledge is rarer than you think

By Rusty Guinn

That fund—around $550 million raised in 2011—has multiplied investors’ money roughly 25 times

By Rolfe Winkler

How will the indexers themselves behave during the next crash?

By Barry Ritholtz

How many people truly know that money isn’t some great panacea for emotional pain?

By Julius Thomas

The ability to invest in strategies that no normal investor can reasonably deploy

By Wesley Gray

In 2016, the tax deduction for charitable contributions cost the federal government at least fifty billion dollars.

By Elizabeth Kolbert


Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong

With Delisha Grant and Tyrone Ross Jr. 

Access to what the moment is asking for

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Boyd Varty, and Bronwyn Varty

The data advantage is narrowing

With Ted Seides and Ben Reiter

Return on flexibility

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Brent Beshore

One of the top five days in fin twit history

With me, Ben, and Morgan

He was snorting Vicodin and drinking Jack Daniels before the show

With Bartsool Sports, Joe Buck, Artie Lange, and Paul Ruud



My code is always, um, perfect. So I knew it had to be something else.

By Linus Torvalds and David Diamond