These Are the Goods


Crowded trades work until they don’t

By Michael Mauboussin

Every recession begins with a softening of the data, but so too does every weak patch in the economy.

By Tim Duy

Investors are typically led to develop their factor return expectations with little more than an extrapolation of the factor’s past paper-portfolio returns.

By Rob Arnott, Vitali Kalesnik, Campbell Harvey, and Juhani Linnainmaa 

The gatekeepers at the big wirehouses, brokers, and home offices decide which ETFs see the light of day.

By Crystal Kim

The brutal Darwinian competition for assets

By Barry Ritholtz

In the fall of 1952, the mean SAT-Verbal score for incoming freshman at Harvard was at the 66th percentile

By Nick Maggiulli

Even though tax refunds are lower that doesn’t necessarily mean you paid more in taxes

By Ben Carlson

The total cost of ETF ownership can be roughly split into two parts: holding costs and transaction costs.

By Ben Johnson


Me and Reggie are cool

With Bill Simmons and Spike Lee

There wasn’t something there. Now there is.

With Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert

The best luck we ever had was putting this podcast up when the landscape was sparse.

With Marc Maron and Aaron Sorkin



It’s one thing to lie to ourselves. It’s another thing to believe it.

By Steven Pressfield