These Are the Goods


The economists of the early 20th century did not foresee that work might evolve from a means of material production to a means of identity production.

By Derek Thompson

Socialism is the symptom, but the underlying problem is cronyism

By Barry Ritholtz

The 401(k) was supposed to be an extra savings account and nothing more.

By Ryan Krueger

At a 4% initial withdrawal rate, the odds of nearly depleting the portfolio are equal to the odds of growing it by more than 800%

By Michael Kitces

The most expensive fund in the top ten inflows for 2018 charges 15 basis points

By Ryan Kirlin

Smart is not a unique skill. That’s why so many smart people don’t outperform.

By Morgan Housel

The smoothest life paths sometimes fail to teach us about what really brings us satisfaction day to day

By Charles Duhigg

You should always cherish your exceptions because markets are full of them

By Ben Carlson

Retirement comes down to your savings rate and asset allocation.  That’s it

By Nick Maggiulli


You are seeing the destruction of bad active managers

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Michael Kitces

I’ll give you the code and you won’t have the guts to trade it

With Meb Faber and Marty Bergin


The laws of probability don’t apply to our financial markets

By Jack Bogle