These Are the Goods


Don’t ever feel sorry for a vendor. He knows what he can sell for, and we want his bottom price.’

By Zack Kanter

Free money on the sidewalk is always picked up

By Morgan Housel

Past outperformance tends to beget future underperformance

By Jeffrey Ptak

while it is easy to find fast-growing companies, it is more difficult to identify stocks with undervalued growth

By Daniel Sotiroff

Good trade. Bad trade.

By Phil Huber

Fees suck, access is hard, the complexity’s insane, taxes are actually okay, but the search costs are crazy.

By Jason Zweig

The jokes people tell or put on social media in 2011 do not represent who they are as people in 2019

By Josh Brown

The sample size for the big cycles in U.S. versus the world is basically two.

By Ben Carlson

There is no single solution, only a web of possibilities.

By Nick Maggiulli

Diversification is a risk mitigation strategy to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

By Blair duQuesnay


You’re the only one living your life

With J.C. Parets and Phil Pearlman

There’s a 10% chance any time I’m on stage I’m gonna end it all

With Kara Swisher and Scott Galloway

Ryan Fitzpatrick is Chinese food. He’s good for three hours.

With Bill Simmons and Dave Jacoby


Some parts of us will always be what we were.

By Delia Owens