These Are the Goods


The most important lesson I have ever learned

By Nick Maggiulli

Volatility is almost always a fee, not a fine

By Morgan Housel

A blogger is only as good as their audience

By Ben Carlson

Zero is a psychological barrier, not a real one

By Jeff Sommer

Of the 268 ETFs begun in 2018, 81% didn’t reach $50 million by year end.

By Crystal Kim


The center for advanced hindsight

With Ted Seides and Dan Ariely

If a book is any good, it has the capacity to be misunderstood

With Barry Ritholtz and Michael Lewis

The irony of success is you ascend to a level that’s a lot less fun but a lot more powerful

With Bill Simmons and John Skipper

Nobody’s immune to it

With Ryen Russillo and Jason Witten


Tomorrow we bathe; today we dig.

By H.W. Brands