These Are the Goods


It’s easy to come up with a story for how you earned your wealth after you earned it

By Nick Maggiulli

I offer up some of the things that I could have done a better job with in my financial life

By Christine Benz

Advantage is only an advantage if others don’t have the same advantage.

By Drew Dickson

People show up at 4 am to wait in line with thousands of other people to tell each other about their lifelong commitment to not following the crowd.

By Morgan Housel

The days of stock market booms and busts are surely not ending even if our macroeconomy seems to be getting more stable

By Cullen Roche

We create a financial plan to give our money a purpose.

By Brendan Mullooly

Without first establishing a strong financial foundation, investing is nothing more than putting the cart before the horse

By Douglas Boneparth

Childcare is a necessity, not a luxury

By Blair duQuesnay

Disney was more desirable above $118 than below it. Makes no sense based on fundamentals, but all the sense in the world based on psychology.

By Josh Brown

What happened next is another age-old tale in the business world, of how a once-proud stalwart found itself on the edge of irrelevance.

By Polina Marinova


It will rot your brain

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Josh Wolfe

I’ve never been a stay in your circle of competence kind of guy

With Ted Seides and David Zorub

Arguments are almost gone…now it’s surgical.

With Bill Simmons and Michael Lewis (and Ralph Macchio)

I don’t take cash, I don’t take stock, and I don’t take shit

With Tim Ferriss and Eric Schmidt


He had risen further in the eyes of the American people than Reagan ever had- further, in fact, than any other President in the history of public opinion surveys.

By Jon Meachem


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