These Are the Goods


The market for unwavering, rock-solid opinions is bigger than the market for weighted probabilities.

By Morgan Housel

There are many unpredictable variables regarding investing, the truth shouldn’t be one of them.

By Tony Isola

Since 1899, more than 3.6 million people have died in traffic accidents in the United States, and more than eighty million have been injured

By Nathan Heller

It kind of goes without saying, that if you would have invested in one of the biggest, most successful companies of all-time when they were small and unsuccessful, you would be rich.

By Ben Carlson

Inflation is not as tangible a risk as market declines

By Blair duQuesnay

The most important thing to remember about TIPS is that they protect against unexpected inflation.

By Adam Collins

Our relationship with our parents is complicated.

By Scott Galloway


We have to have intuitive causation

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Eric Sorenson

People can look at a season and tell when it’s over

With Bill Simmons and Kevin Costner

It was a fucking script about underground worms

With Bill Simmons and Kevin Bacon


Few things are harder than mental time travel

By Phil Tetlock and Dan Gardner