These Are the Goods


The attention economy is so talked about today because there’s finally competition for leisure time

By Matthew Ball

And then, without any warning, fanfare or news, something strange happened. The market started to go up.

By Charlie Bilello

Today’s markets are so large that early stage VCs can make a 100x return on an IPO that then goes on to make a 100x return on the public markets

By Alex Rubalcava 

Looking like you’re being productive is often a better strategy for career advancement than actually being productive.

By David Perell

Don’t give people incentives and assume they’ll draw a moral boundary around them. Just be careful with the incentives you show them in the first place

By Morgan Housel 

Ask for a simple regression line

By Tim Duy

There’s almost zero correlation between their predictions and how the market actually behaves

By Eddy Elfenbein

The moment the ink dries on their financial plan, something will change

By Blair duQuesnay

There is no way to optimize your investments

By Tadas Viskanta

The patterns we observe are just noise and randomness

By Nick Maggiulli

Where else can you find a book that combines The Chappelle Show, Nicolas Cage, Leonardo Da Vinci, Tracy Chapman, Charles Darwin, Johnny Depp, Jim Chanos, Russell Crowe, Al Capone, Michael Crichton and Robert Cialdini?

By Ben Carlson


Play faster, it’s less tiring

With Bill Simmons and Steve Nash


We’re going to facilitate a collaboration between the CIA and organized crime

By James Ellroy