These Are the Goods


We go through phases in our financial life (By Tom Welsh)

Value investing has rotated into a massive bet against technological disruption (By Sparkline Capital)

They’re hoping that — indeed counting on — all their investors losing all their money (By Dave Nadig)

Bundles grow gracefully and shrink painfully (By Byrne Hobart)

Never before have I seen a market so highly valued in the face of overwhelming uncertainty (By James Montier)

Annuities are the worst asset to leave your heirs (By Blair duQuesnay)

Being a jerk offsets being talented one for one, if not more (By Morgan Housel)

Imagine a portfolio that you can own for life (By Nick Maggiulli)


Are there enough ass clowns in this market today to keep it going? (With Josh Brown and Ed Yardeni)

We don’t tell Farley, of course we don’t (With Rob Lowe and David Spade)


The hardest financial skill is getting the goalpost to stop moving (By Morgan Housel)