These Are the Goods


It uses greed as a Trojan Horse (By Packy McCormick)

It makes use of the world’s largest asset class without putting any of it on the balance sheet (By Byrne Hobart)

Just because something is intuitive does not mean it is correct (By Lyall Taylor)

Even before interest rates dropped to zero, the dream of living on dividends and interest in retirement was impossible (By Blair duQuesnay)

Letting temporary emotions influence your investment decisions is like drinking salt water to quench your thirst (By Tony Isola)

We are judged by the challenges we each face, and how we rise to those occasions (By Barry Ritholtz)

When it comes to saving for a big ticket item, cash is the safest way to get there (By Nick Maggiulli)

We just did 10 years’ worth of work in 9 months (By Ben Carlson)


When Dr. J walked into an arena, the only person you noticed or cared about was Dr. J (With Bill Simmons and Brian Koppelman)

The longest circuit breaker in American financial history (With Josh Brown, Joe Terranova, and Jon Roque)


I can afford to not be the greatest investor in the world, but I can’t afford to be a bad one. (By Josh Brown and Brian Portnoy)