These Are the Goods


I’ve been waiting for the day when being a failed mid-50’s former portfolio manager would come in handy! (By Dave Nadig)

Social momentum is hard to model on a spreadsheet (By Morgan Housel)

For a brief moment exactly than ten years ago, Volkswagen was 14x bigger than Amazon (By Drew Dickson)

A quick trip through internet history (By Packy McCormick)

Serious startups create serious value (By Jared Heyman)

Can you imagine spending your entire career building a fund only to be taken down by a message board? (By Ben Carlson)

Wall St Bets is the cloud-based version of the hedge fund idea dinner (By Josh Brown)

In 2009, momentum experienced a crash of -73.42% in three months. (By Nick Maggiulli)


Only five of the top 50 podcasts are independently produced (With Packy McCormick and Doug Imbuce)

The human brain may be too good at recognizing patterns (With Jim O’Shaughnessy, Jamie Catherwood, and Jason Zweig)

Wall Street will always change the rules (With Josh Brown and Rachel Robasciotti)



Yea right, who had time for a book this week?