These Are the Goods


Virtually every successful active stock-picker has closed a fund at one time or another (By Ben Johnson)

It’s so much harder to actually run companies than it is to write about them and come up with fun product ideas. (By Packy McCormick and Marc Rubinstein)

Interest rates don’t turn people into gamblers. (By Ben Carlson)

Remember what this moment feels like and never forget it. You will see and feel it again. (By Josh Brown)

It’s easy to get sucked into this world and forget about what actually matters to most people (By Nick Maggiuilli)


Obesity is a couple pounds a year issue (With Shawn Bearden and Herman Pontzer)

A mania could spread more widely and more rapidly today than ever before (With Barry Ritholtz and William Bernstein)

The #1 lesson that any writer should know before they know anything else (With Tim Ferris and Steven Pressfield)

It’s never a good indicator of where you are in the cycle where people start talking about the actual packaging of the product versus the content (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Howard Lindzon)