These Are the Goods


Nature cannot be fooled (By Bob Seawright)

Having spent years helping clients make this same decision I now face, it would be wrong not to take the advice I have always given them (By Carolyn Gowen)

We are not sold that Treasurys have lost their usefulness (By Greg Obenshain)

I love getting to tell startups’ stories when they’re still early and undiscovered, and their success isn’t guaranteed (By Packy McCormick)

Startups offer the potential for vastly greater investment returns than just about anything you’ll find elsewhere (By Meb Faber)

 If you have the assets to pay it off, it’s not debt, it’s leverage. (By Blair duQuesnay)

Ninety-nine percent of species are already extinct (By Morgan Housel)


Unbounded future potential (With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Marc Andreesen) 

The end times for network TV (With Bill Simmons and Matthew Belloni)

Is crypto outgrowing bitcoin? (With Tracy Alloway, Joe Weisenthal, and Alyse Killeen)

For most of human history, knowledge was a scared good (With Christine Benz, Jeffrey Ptak, and Jason Zweig)

It takes a lot of data to bury a metric (With Corey Hoffstein and Toby Carlisle)