The Compound and Friends: Squid Game and the Metaverse

On this week’s TCAF Josh and I had on one of the sharpest minds in finance, Dan McMurtrie, sometimes known SuperMugatu.

On today’s show we spoke about Google, which somehow is still growing its top line like it’s a mid-cap stock. Remember in 2018 when Apple was the first company to hit a $1 trillion market cap? That was cute. Google is now worth twice as much.

Micosoft is another company that is good at business. 70% gross margins for a company doing $45 billion a quarter is just hard to fathom. If you’ll allow me to compare software with chocolate, just to show its scale, Hershey has done $37 billion in revenue over the last 5 years.

Finally, what else can we say about Tesla? I’ll let this chart do it for me.

Have a great weekend everyone, and check out this episode if you get a minute.

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