These Are the Goods


When everything is burnt to the ground, there’s room for new ideas and institutions to grow (By Packy McCormick)

If the world changed in the last 18 months, can you really use data that is 10 years old? (By Allison Schrager)

There are two ways to measure how you’re doing: Against yourself and against others. (By Morgan Housel)

In the long run, physical exchanges lower the price and increase the use of the underlying commodity being traded. (By Doomberg)

I am constantly amazed by the capacity of legislatures to write bad tax law, but this one takes the cake as perhaps the worst thought-through and most ineffective attempt ever, at rewriting tax code.  (By Aswath Damodaran)

A financial panic ruins the economy for a decade, but hyperinflation ruins an economy for an entire generation. (By Cullen Roche)

DAO’s provide an elegant structure to bond a decentralized group of strangers together around a common mission, vision, and set of values, with incentive alignment, in a trustless fashion. (By John Street Capital)

High tax rates within high inflation regimes can push the effective tax rate well above 100%! (By Ehren Stanhope)

A pattern that remains common today. (By Phil Pearlman)

A bias against fast risk means a bias against the very assets that we need to help us build wealth in the long run (By Nick Maggiulli)


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