For Your Listening Pleasure

I’ve never gotten so much feedback on a recommendation I made. I’ve been hearing from a lot of listeners who took my advice and tuned into the podcast Our Thing, with Sammy the Bull Gravano. Sammy was a hitman for the mafia, working directly for John Gotti, doing stints with the Colombo and Gambino crime families.

Sammy was a hitman, and also, paradoxically, a gentleman. He has the craziest stories you’ll ever hear and is an amazing storyteller. Some of the hits are decades old, but he tells them with such detail you’ll think they happened yesterday.

Our thing

Ben and I were back on Derek Thompson’s Plain English today talking about inflation. Ben and I definitely got this one wrong. We didn’t think it would be so high and we definitely didn’t think it would last so long.

Two things that I think we missed were the impact of fiscal stimulus, and how difficult it would be to turn the economy back on. Demand has clearly outstripped supply, in some areas more than others.

Josh and I were joined this week by Dasarte Yarnway and Emlen Mattingly. We spoke about their new project, The Onyx Advisor Network, which serves underrepresented advisors. We covered the growth wreckage, the death of mutual funds, inflation, and much more. Have a good weekend.