These Are the Goods


Lines for essential goods are a pretty good sign of failed public policy (By Derek Thompson)

It seems that we have monetary policy that’s juicing the economy indefinitely (By Allison Schrager)

Everything we know about history is limited to what’s been written down, shared publicly, or spoken into a camera (By Morgan Housel)

A company with a big outcome can still be a bad investment at the wrong entry point. (By Ali Hamed)

Maximize winners, don’t minimize losers. (By Packy McCormick)

Today, Bloomberg has one-third of the $30 billion market for financial data. (By Frederik Gieschen)

There’s no one universal success formula even while some with great conviction insist there is. (By Phil Pearlman)

On August 17, 2017, Decentraland opened its ICO, hoping to raise 86,206 ether or $26 million. Within 35 seconds, the entire allocation had been snapped up. (By Mario Gabriele)

We should see the S&P 500 hit 10,000 and the Dow hit 100,000 before 2030 (By Nick Maggiulli)

Investors conditioned to buy the dip take a long time to unlearn what has worked for a decade prior (By Barry Ritholtz)

If the Fed isn’t going to pump the brakes now, when will they? (By Ben Carlson)


The barriers to raising a fund have gone to zero (With Ted Seides and Chris Douvos)

Everybody seems to be a little bit wrong (With Derek Thompson, me, and Ben)


In 1993 U.S. direct mail sales of collectibles totaled $1.7 billion (By Zac Bissonnette)