These Are the Goods


Supply is a bitch (By Howard Lindzon)

Great quarter guys (By Marc Rubinstein)

In 1959, the average family spent 19 percent of their budgets on food. That fell to 7 percent in 2019 (By Timothy B. Lee)

Working for mysterious billionaires with a “go anywhere” strategy seemed exciting. (By Frederik Gieschen)

There are two main reasons why people sell investments: because they’re up and because they’re down. (By Howard Marks)

Indiscriminate selling is a good thing. It means we could be getting close to the end.(By Josh Brown)

Our society has glorified leisure for so long that we’ve lost our way (By Nick Maggiulli)


It’s harder to get into Google than Harvard (With me, Josh, and Kai Wu)


Andy Grove, the president of Intel, complained that venture investors were playing the role of Darth Vader, luring innocent young engineers and managers to “the dark side” of entrepreneurial capitalism (By Sebastian Mallaby)