These Are the Goods


Whenever a sports record is broken—including mine—it’s a time for celebration. (By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar)

Investors might care about drawdowns, but drawdowns might not be a good indicator of the risks an investor took (By Noah Kreutter)

You know you have an unhealthy relationship with money when you are living below your standard of living (By Jared Dillian)

Machines will constantly refine and remix our work, drawing on other people’s ideas and styles (By Dror Poleg)

The US government is using the banking sector to organize a sophisticated, widespread crackdown against the crypto industry. (By Nic Carter)

Regrets are a dangerous liability because their final costs are often hidden for years or decades (By Morgan Housel)

Bubbles do not occur out of thin air or for no reason (By Josh Brown)


A semiconductor is a little piece of hardware that does a lot of math (With Zack Fuss and Jay Goldberg)

We’re not going to have another down year (With me, Josh, and Brian Belski)