These Are the Goods


Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe, to be sure, and nothing compounds like shame.

By Rusty Guinn

Your perception of risk is constantly changing, whether you know it’s happening or not

By Ben Carlson

Just because you have a belief or preference, however strongly held, it doesn’t negate those who differ with you.

By Jim O’Shaughnessy

The notion that the equity prices of smaller capitalisation companies are somehow less efficiently priced than their larger brethren may potentially be stale.

By Drew Dickson

The worst I’ve heard for the failure of active management

By Larry Swedroe

Helplessness and the story we tell ourselves about an event are the two most important factors when determining whether someone experiences trauma

By Nick Maggiulli

Companies are dying faster than they ever have.

By Cullen Roche

Perma-bears seem to enjoy highlighting metrics that have no predictive power for either short or long-term forward equity returns.

By Econompic

We know that it’s likely a sobering thought

By Cliff Asness

Trees don’t grow to the sky, and so betting on that is usually a bad idea.

By Michael Ashton

What does one do after experiencing a 10-year stretch of horrible outperformance

By Jack Vogel

Out of 21,000 venture financings from 2004 to 2014, 65% lost money.

By Morgan Housel


A quantitative approach to investing works well over time is because it negates all of our human foibles.

With George Pearkes and Jim O’Shaughnessy

If you have such a fantastic process, why have you trailed the market over every trailing period for the last ten years?

With Ted Seides and Brian Portnoy

You wanna see manipulation look at the FAANG stocks

With Michael and Ben

Sociologists are the great notetakers of the social sciences.

With Malcolm Gladwell


Drew, Gould, and Fisk now had $7,000,000 of Vanderbilt’s money- which they had prudently converted to greenbacks, draining New York of much of its money supply and causing short-term interest rates to rise sharply.

By John Steele Gordon