These Are the Goods


Factor funds underperform their academic factors by about 3% per year

By Dan Rasmussen

When a measure becomes the target it ceases to be a good measure

By Ryan Krueger

The people that missed the bubble spent the next eight years ridiculing the people who got sucked into it.

By Jared Dillian

Permanent information is what teaches you what to do with expiring information

By Morgan Housel

There are no hard and fast rules.

By Craig Shapiro

For a field with lots of stats, we still have little idea of how well the economy is doing at the moment

By Eddy Elfenbein

What are the benign myths that exist in the financial advisor community?

By Phil Huber

Maybe next year they’ll start issuing iMortgage

By Fat Tailed and Happy

The economy is not the stock market, and we can’t time either

By Blair duQuesnay

How would you invest your $1 million to preserve its buying power until 2119?

By Nick Maggiulli



A PhD student was managing the University of Chicago’s bond portfolio

With Barry Ritholtz and Roger Ibbotson

We’re not an agenda driven company

With David Perell and Erika Nardini 

You can’t conclude that markets are irrational just because individuals are

With Patrick O’Shaughnessy and Michael Mauboussin 

They can call my office

With Meb Faber and Paul Lountzis 


It is better to make yourself obsolete than to wait and let your competitors do it for you .

By Todd Buchholz